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This. This is how you break down ableist barriers. This is incredible for the deaf and for the custies. I would love to learn sign language, and I would learn it faster if it was standing between me and booze

this is so important

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i need need need the library one for my birthday pls pls pls

You can say you’re not in the cake fandom but EVERYONE is in the cake fandom

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Inside Germany’s startup factory: Rocket Internet built Helpling into a global company in 9 months

In early January, Helpling was an idea in the head of two guys walking into a meeting at Berlin-basedRocket Internet. Now, Helpling has 200 employees and operates in 140 cities spread across eight countries. In less than nine months, Rocket built Helpling from nothing into a global e-commerce company.

In Silicon Valley, Rocket is often dismissed as a copy-cat artist, making half-baked versions of other people’s ideas. But that misses the point of what Rocket has become and what it cares about. Its real claim to innovation is its methodical approach to identifying digital business models, launching startups, and then growing them quickly. In the last few years, Rocket has created 65 businesses, fueling its own growth that resulted in its recent $1.8 billion IPO in early October.

While Silicon Valley cherishes originality and the romantic notion of the lone founder conjuring innovative ideas, Rocket is focused on speed and size in order to seize opportunities in less sexy markets. Where entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley search for ideas to dazzle their peers, Rocket pursues what it calls “butter and beer” businesses that aim to fill simple, everyday needs of consumers in places where online services are not quite as commonplace as they are in an area like San Francisco.

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photos from dubai’s 828 meter tall burj khalifa (save the first and last photos, which show the building) by (click pic) daniel cheongkarim nafatnibjoern lauen and dave alexander. duabai only experiences this in september and march, when seasonal changes in temperature creates an abundance of early morning fog. (see also: fog over new york, london and chicago)

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Free paper for CA2  (comic event in Thailand) 

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